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Green Dual Wheel Fitness Ab Roller

Green Dual Wheel Fitness Ab Roller


Roll your way to toned abs with a Mind Reader ab roller. Ab rollers may look easy and fun, but these handy devices actually provide extensive training and development for a broad range of muscle groups. Maintaining an engaged core and an extended plank position helps to tone your arm muscles, obliques, abdominals, shoulders, and more. Developing these groups helps to support improved posture, upper body strength, and create tone and definition in muscles. The Mind Reader home ab roller goes together in seconds so that you can start your workout right away. Simply slide the wheels over the handle, and you’re ready to roll, literally! The cushioned EVA foam handles ensure you maintain a comfortable grip while doing your workouts, and prevent slipping, while the rubberized PVC wheels support your body weight and grip your floor or yoga mat to provide enhanced stability. Use your Mind Reader ab roller with the dual wheels together or apart to perform a variety of bodyweight exercises, tone, and define your upper body and core. Materials: PVC, EVA Foam.

  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - The non-slip EVA foam handles ensure that you can maintain a comfortable grip throughout your workout, without the ab roller slipping out of your hands.
  • STABLE SUPPORT - The sturdy PVC dual-wheel construction of your Mind Reader ab roller ensures that your weight is fully supported throughout your workout at all times.
  • STEADY WHEELS - The dual rubberized wheels can be placed together to improve tone, or spread apart to increase stability and build muscles. The rubberized tracking ensures that the wheels grip your floor or yoga mat without slipping.
  • SAYONARA SIT-UPS - Build your abs and train endurance with an ab roller that targets the obliques, shoulders, and a wide variety of muscle groups.
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.25″ L x 10″ W x 7.25″ H
  • HOME GYM STAPLE - Providing all-over training and toning for full-body fitness, an ab roller is a must-have item for your home gym or fitness setup.
  • AB ROLLERS, ASSEMBLE - The assembly process for your Mind Reader home ab roller is quick and easy, so you can get rolling right away!

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