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Adjustable Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Holds 2 Screens Up To 27"

Adjustable Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Holds 2 Screens Up To 27"


Maximize your workspace efficiency with a metal dual-arm monitor mount and riser from Mind Reader Products.
Dual-monitor setups have become increasingly popular in home workspaces, office settings, and gaming stations, providing increased screen real estate for working and managing multiple tasks at the same time. Unfortunately, finding space for two monitors side-by-side can present a challenge on many desks. A monitor mount with arms that can support both screens makes a useful solution in these scenarios, helping to create your own customizable desk situation for work and/or play.
The Mind Reader dual-armed multi-monitor stand and riser makes a strong addition to any home or office workspace or gaming setup. The flexible arms allow for tilting, swiveling, rotation, height adjustment, and can be individually bent to position your monitors in the arrangement you prefer. A sturdy stand underneath the arms makes it easy to install the mount without needing to clamp the arms onto your desk, and provides proper elevation to reduce neck strain and encourage correct posture at your desk. The stand also features clearance underneath for storing documents, books, and other office supplies, along with a conveniently integrated tray for storing pens, paper clips, rubber bands, and other accessories. The strong metal construction supports monitors up to 15 lbs each and from 17 to 27 inches wide, making it possible for you to create the custom setup best suited to your needs.
Make the most of your desk with a Mind Reader dual monitor mount and riser.

  • PROTECT YOUR PEEPERS - Reduces eye strain by elevating and placing your monitor at a natural, comfortable viewing angle
  • DUAL-MONITOR SUPPORT - Integrated arms provide support and adjustable elevation for dual monitors ranging in size from 17 to 27 inches, so you can easily view both screens as you work without needing to find room on your desk for both monitor stands
  • REACH TO THE SIDES - Fully adjustable dual arms allow you control both the angle and rotation of your monitors, allowing for +80° to -90° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation, and height adjustment along the center pole, as well as portrait or landscape monitor rotation
  • CONTROL YOUR CABLES - Detachable clips along the center pole allow for carefully organized cable management, so you can keep your monitor station clean and pleasant to view
  • DIMENSIONS - 11″ L x 29″ W x 21″ H
  • STASH YOUR STUFF - The pen tray and additional clearance underneath the integrated monitor stand allow you to easily stash your notebooks, tablet supplies, and other necessities, saving space on your desk
  • STRUCTURED TO SUPPORT - The unique design and metal construction of this two-in-one freestanding dual-monitor mount supports up to 15 lbs on each arm, so you can worry about your work, and not your monitor stand
  • PROPER POSTURING - Elevating your monitors to a properly viewable height reduces eye and neck strain and encourages you to sit up straight, reducing stress on your spine and lower back
  • CLEAN CONSTRUCTION - This modern, minimalist freestanding monitor stand and riser makes a distinctive and desirable addition to your home or office desk setup, reducing clutter and improving the aesthetic of your workspace or gaming area

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