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Double Tube Mounted Disposable Cup Dispenser (Holds 6 lbs.), White

Double Tube Mounted Disposable Cup Dispenser (Holds 6 lbs.), White


Organize your cups in style with a mountable cup holder from Mind Reader Products.
Designed from durable, lightweight acrylic materials, this product can be easily mounted to any flat, compatible surface in your home, office breakroom, or apartment via the included mounting plate. Offer your friends, family, students, guests, or employees convenient access to up to 6 lbs. of paper or plastic cups in a single, dual-dispensing unit. Save space and keep clutter off your countertops by storing your cups in this handy storage solution that looks stylish and makes a great addition to your home or office.
The clear acrylic cup dispenser keeps your cups clean and free from dirt or dust accumulation by stashing them inside an enclosed compartment, and allows you to easily view the amount of cups remaining in either row at any point in time. Always know when it’s time to refill! A top-fill, bottom-dispense design gives easy access for adults and children alike, so kids can fetch their own cups and have fun doing it. If sticky fingers leave some residue behind, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and cleaning solution, and you’re back in business. Works great in your home, office, breakroom, lobby, or classroom. Add a magnetic mounted cup holder to your home or business today and beautify your storage solutions. Materials: Acrylic.

  • DISPOSABLE CUP DISPENSER - This easy-to-use cup dispenser can be easily mounted to surfaces in your home, office, lobby, or breakroom, and features dual rows to dispense multiple cups at a time
  • MOUNT AND GO - The wall-mounting panel comes included in your package and can be affixed to a wall, refrigerator, or other flat surface with screws, double-sided tape, or other safe adhesive
  • DUAL-ROW DISPENSING - With room for two side-by-side stacks of disposable cups of varying sizes, you can double the amount of cups dispensed to friends, guests, employees, or students at a time
  • FUN FOR KIDS - Makes a great touchless dispensing addition to a classroom when filled with colorful disposable cups, so students can get drinks without touching each other’s cups
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.75″ L x 6.7″ W x 8.5″ H
  • PULL STYLE DESIGN - Refill cups via the top of the dispenser; replace the lid to keep out dust, dirt, and other unwanted debris from the interior of the cups; remove cups directly from the bottom of the dispenser
  • DURABLE DUTY - The food-safe, clear resin material provides sturdy support for up to 6 lbs. of cups, while still allowing you to view the contents of the cup dispenser, so you can tell when it’s time to refill
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wipe down the inside and outside of this unit with warm water and soap as needed to keep the inside, lid, and dispensing openings clean