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Cool Gel Eye Mask, Black

Cool Gel Eye Mask, Black


Soothe headaches and tension away wherever you are with a Mind Reader gel eye mask. Melt tension away with a soothing gel bead eye mask from Mind Reader. Designed with a flexible gel beading on one side and soft, comfortable fabric on the other, this eye mask can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator for long-lasting cooling relief, or microwaved to provide warmth for tension headaches and muscle pains. Once activated, the fabric side should be placed against the skin, not the beaded side, to protect sensitive eyes and skin. The total blackout design of this gel beaded eye mask ensures that light is blocked out when resting, providing relief from light sensitivity along with the cooling or warming gel beads. A strong elastic band holds the mask in place while you rest, so you don’t need to adjust or move it whenever you move your head. Take it with you on airplanes, on long train or subway rides, or anywhere you need soothing gel tension relief. The cooling or warming beads help to relieve stress, soothe migraines, reduce puffy eyes, and so much more. The gel materials ensure the mask retains its temperature for extended periods of time, so you can kick back and unwind. Treat yourself to a spa day whenever and wherever your travels take you with the soothing gel bead eye mask from Mind Reader. Material: Gel Beads/Fabric.

  • STAY COOL - Cooling gel beaded material retains its temperature and conforms to your face to soothe and relieve tension. The fabric side can be applied directly to skin without agitation.
  • FIRE AND ICE - Versatile gel construction can be microwaved to apply heat therapy, or placed in the refrigerator/freezer to provide soothing cold relief.
  • BYE-BYE TENSION - Hot or cold gel beaded design provides relief from headaches, migraines, tension, fevers, muscle aches, and more conditions.
  • EYE LOVE IT - Soft and comfortable materials are designed for extended wear. The fabric side can be applied directly to skin without agitation.
  • DIMENSIONS - 3.75″ H x 7.5″ W x 0.25″
  • DFLY COOL - Great for traveling, this gel eye mask can be used on planes, trains, and even, dare we say, automobiles. Take a nap in soothing style--as long as you’re not driving!
  • SNUG FIT - The secure elastic band keeps your eye mask in place while you rest, ensuring you stay relaxed and comfortable.
  • NIGHT MODE - Fully sealed eye coverings and broad design ensure this eye mask thoroughly covers eyes and helps block out light, helping with sleeping and light sensitivity from migraines and other conditions.

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