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9-Compartment Bamboo Condiment Holder

9-Compartment Bamboo Condiment Holder


Perfect for coffee lovers everywhere! Organize your home, office, lobby, breakroom or waiting room experience with condiment and snack organizers by MindReader. MindReader provides space-saving, organizers to make storage and organization easy. Whether you are a small or large company, these organizing caddies are food safe and fit small spaces easily. Storage caddies allow you to stack disposable coffe and tea cups, lids, utensils, single serve coffee pods, Keurig cups, creamers, tea bags, stirrers, salt & pepper packets, vitamin packets, emergen-C packets, snack bags, chocolates, hot cocoa packets, ketchup and mustard packets that need to be near coffee pots, hot water dispensers and snack machines. Don't limit yourself - use organizing caddies to organize your desk space, break-room, kitchen counter at home, kitchen or office cabinets, dorm rooms and more. You can never have enough storage and organizing solutions for office, hospitality or home use. Space-saving is key to being organized when you have a small space to work with - consider table-top organizers and get creative with storage solutions. Have an office coffee bar at work, this is the perfect accessory for organizing that space. People love these storage organizers and buy more than one depending on the size of their space and various needs. Versatile functionality makes this the perfect solution for organizing at work or at home. Like to keep your countertops clear of clutter - use coffee pod and condiment organizers inside your office or kitchen cabinets. Easy to store when not using and light weight for moving as needed. Coordinates with any color or decor. A must-have for any office space - makes it easy to keep track of supplies and usage - easy to fill as employees use - modern design is perfect for any space. Keep your storage units clean and free of dirt and germs by cleaning often with food safe cleaning solutions. Mind Reader condiment and coffee service area organizers are a must have. Unique kitchen organizers also make a great gift for your boss, teacher, family member or anyone who can use a little more organizing in their lives. 

  • ULTIMATE CONDIMENT BEVERAGE SUPPLIES ORGANIZER: Natural wooden bamboo construction offers all-in-one condiment organizer and is just the right size - easily fits on desk, countertop, table or table as needed - deep compartments for optimal storage.
  • MULTI-SLOT NON-SLIP CONSTRUCTION: Caddy features 9 compartments for beverage condiments including creamers, sugar, ketchup/mustard packets and salt/pepper packets - stack disposable cups/lids in larger cubbies with ease - holds utensils and napkins too.
  • PERFECT FOR AT HOME, OFFICE, RESTAURANT OR HOSPITALITY: Makes coffee and tea service areas easy to organize and refill a breeze - place near coffee pot, water cooler, snack machines or areas where people gather to eat.
  • VERSATILE ORGANIZER SPACESAVER: multi-compartment organizer helps to keep loose condiments, ketchup and mustard packets, paper clips, thumb tacks, rubber bands and anything that needs organizing in their place until you're ready to use them.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Coffee and accessory condiment storage organizing caddy:  12" (L) x  12" (W) x 5.5" (H)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Durable bamboo material is food safe and easy to arrange in the perfect spot on work counter, kitchen counter, table top or desk - can withstand day to day use of office employees, warehouse staff, hotel patrons and more.
  • EASY CARRY AND NON SLIP: It's easy to move this light weight organizer caddy so that it's close to coffee pots, hot water cooler or anywhere you need this organizer to sit - use for traditional condiment organizer or to organize office supply items as needed.
  • PERFECT FOR DORMS AND COLLEGE: Students and teachers need organizers too - use in dorm rooms, common areas where coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot water is served - keep near snacks and food - buy more than one for multiple rooms.
  • KITCHEN COUNTERTOP ORGANIZER: All kitchens need organizing and this is a sure way to organize those coffee condiments, salt & pepper and other spices - keep on counter or hide away in kitchen cabinets if you've got the space and like things tucked away behind cabinet doors.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Keeping organizers is easy - simply wipe clean with warm water and soap as needed to reduce dirt and germs.

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