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Circular Wobble Stability Balance Board, Black/Blue

Circular Wobble Stability Balance Board, Black/Blue


Wobble your way to a steadier balance on the Mind Reader balance board. While standing desks rise in popularity to avoid stationary sitting all day, research emerges showing that prolonged standing can be equally bad for the limbs. One option to combat this is a wobble balance board, which provides a static way to practice and improve balance while relieving swelling. The frequent movements of your legs while maintaining your stance not only develops core strength and posture, but also helps to reduce swelling and the risk of blood clots from maintaining a static posture for long amounts of time. Wobble boards are great for more than just office use! Use it as part of your home fitness workout, perform bridge drills or other balance exercises on it. The circular design allows for a full range of 360° rotation and tilts in any direction, allowing you to practice side-to-side, front-to-back, and other exercises with ease. A rubberized, textured surface ensures your feet won’t slide off, while the bowl-shaped base provides the stability and support your workouts require. The compact, lightweight construction of this balance board makes it ideal for taking to and from the office, and stores away easily after being used. Get your own wobble board today and build better balance while you work! Materials: Plastic, Rubber.

  • STABLE CIRCLE - Your Mind Reader balance board provides full 360° rotation and tilts in any direction so you can practice side-to-side, stretch, front-to-back, and other balance drills.
  • STEADY FEET - The rubberized non-skid surface ensures that your feet remain stable while standing, doing balance drills, and other exercises.
  • BALANCED BASE - The sturdy bowl-shaped base provides smooth and stable support for your workout routine, designed to grip the floor and resist sliding while still allowing smooth rotations.
  • TRAIN ON THE GO - Compact, lightweight, and durable, this balance board can accompany you wherever you need to take it, so you can train outdoors, indoors, or even at the office!
  • DIMENSIONS - 14.25″ L x 14.25″ W x 1.75″ H
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - Your Mind Reader balance board is easy to clean after use; simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and cleaning product.
  • MULTIPURPOSE PRACTICE - Perform a wide range of exercises to improve balance, stabilize and tone your core, and more. Stand on the balance board, do bridges with your feet on it, do squats on it, and so much more!