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Beverage Tub Bucket Copper Plated Galvanized, Heavy Duty, Brown

Beverage Tub Bucket Copper Plated Galvanized, Heavy Duty, Brown


The Mind Reader Copper Finish Antique Bucket is a wonderful addition to any kitchen or patio. The elegant copper finish creates a leak-proof and rust-resistant coating that keeps beverages ice cold for hours. What comes with this copper finish is also a wonderful shimmer reflection that occurs when exposed to the sunlight.

  • Décor - An excellent addition to any home that will complete many successful parties.
  • Classic - Galvanized Copper tubs ubiquitous on every farm because they have a thousand and one uses. Reminiscent of dairy cows and general stores, these tubs can give even the most urban garden a rustic country charm.
  • Ice Bucket Tub - This galvanized Copper tub can be used as an ice bucket for chilling beverages in the summer. The Copper bucket has water-sealed seams to prevent leaking.
  • 2 Handles - These Copper tubs are fashioned with two side handles, making them easy to carry. 
  • All-Purpose - Mind Reader's galvanized Copper oval tubs are compatible with our Folding Floor and Tabletop Stands. Whether used for holding chilled drinks at a party or for planting flowers on the patio, these tubs look great when supported on a metal stand.
  • Dimensions: 10.5 (L) x 10.5 (W) x 8.75 (H)