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Bamboo Cup and Lid Organizer, Multiple Sizes

Bamboo Cup and Lid Organizer, Multiple Sizes


Bamboo has been recognized by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program as being an ecologically-friendly building material. Not only is it friendly for the environment but is also biodegradable. Using bamboo is not only overall environmentally friendly, but it’s also one of the strongest materials on the planet. The amount of material needed to produce a sturdy product can be much less when compared to other materials such as wood.  So next time you drop a Mind Reader Bamboo Organizer, likely will be able to handle the hit. The Mind Reader Cup and Lid Organizer has 2 slots, one slot for your cups and the other slot for your lids. Keeps your coffee cups and lids organized and in one place. An ideal cup holder for restaurants and cafés, the bamboo design is beautiful and will match any décor in the coffee shop. Makes coffee and beverage service areas easy to organize and refill as needed. Not only can be used for holding and organizing your cups/lids, but can also be used for organizing your arts and crafts, makeup brushes, or bathroom supplies. An endless amount of possibilities for organizing your household or classroom essentials. Color: Brown. Material: Bamboo. Assembly Required? No assembly is required. Ready to use right out the box. 

  • PERFECT FOR AT HOME, OFFICE, RESTAURANT OR HOSPITALITY: Makes coffee and beverage service areas easy to organize and refill as needed - place near coffee pot, hot water, snack machines or areas where people gather to eat and drink.
  • ORGANIZER SPACE SAVER CONVENIENCE: Make it easy for your kids, staff and patrons to access disposable coffee and beverage cups and lids with this vertical space saving cup and lid storage organizer.
  • DISPOSABLE COFFEE CUP/LID STORAGE: Offers 2 spacious compartments for stacking 10oz, 12oz and 16oz cups and lids - holds up to 40 cups with 20 in each compartment.
  • EASY CARRY AND NON SLIP: It's easy to move this light weight cup and lid organizer so that it's close to coffee pots, hot water cooler or anywhere you need this organizer to sit - use near traditional condiment organizers to further organize office beverage area.
    • 2 Rows- 4.75 (L) x 9.25 (W) x 9.25 (H)
    • 3 Rows - 4.75 (L) x 13.25 (W) x 9.5 (H)
    • 4 Rows -4.75 (L) x 17.75 (W) x 9.5 (H
  • PERFECT FOR DORMS AND COLLEGE: Students and teachers need organizers too - use in dorm rooms, common areas where coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot water is served - keep near snacks and food.
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: Bamboo construction can be used inside or outside for parties, BBQ, kid's or adult parties to help organize cups and lids on the beverage table, kitchen countertop, office table and more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Keeping organizers clean is easy - simply wipe clean with warm water and soap as needed to reduce dirt and germs.
  • BAMBOO CONSTRUCTION: Made of durable and sturdy bamboo that is sure to last for years of usage. Bamboo is relatively just as strong as wood but far more durable and can withstand moisture better than wood. Bamboo is also much stronger than plastic alternatives and safer for the environment.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Not only can this organizer rack be used for storing cups and lids, but it can also be used in your bedroom or bathroom for organizing and storing your essentials.

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