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Bamboo 4 Tier Desk Organizer with 2 Drawers, Brown

Bamboo 4 Tier Desk Organizer with 2 Drawers, Brown


Straighten up your desk, counter, or makeup table with this multi-function bamboo organizer from Mind Reader Products.
Eliminate clutter from your desktop with a convenient supply organizer from Mind Reader products. Constructed from natural, reliable bamboo, this convenient holder helps you sort and stash pens, pencils, memo pads, rubber bands, paper clips, note cards, or even kitchen and makeup supplies. The multi-compartment design allows you to easily sort and locate whatever you need, precisely when you need it.
A handy multi-section layout with two open shelves and two pull-out drawers makes it a breeze for you to organize and store objects that can easily get mixed up or lost when just laying on your desk, so you can more conveniently keep track of them. Use this functional organizer for your office supplies, school supplies, spices and condiments in the kitchen or at a coffee station, craft supplies and paintbrushes, or even to sort your makeup supplies and brushes. The natural bamboo finish makes a stylish addition to your home or office desktop, kitchen counter, breakroom, or makeup station, and resists moisture and mildew.
As versatile as your priorities, this sturdy desk organizer from Mind Reader Products puts organization at your fingertips.

  • DECLUTTER YOUR DESK - Eliminate excess clutter and avoid losing small-but-necessary supplies on your desk by using this convenient holder to sort and organize your important materials, so you can always find a rubber band exactly when you need on
  • SAVE SPACE - The multi-section design with pull-out drawers helps to save space on your desk by providing a convenient storage solution for your scissors, pens, memo pads, paperclips, and other supplies
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Bamboo is resilient and long-lasting, resists moisture and warping, and provides sturdy support for your supplies
  • DRAWER DECOR - Use the top two shelves to easily sort and display your essentials, and tuck away the less-needed or personal items in two convenient pull-out drawers for privacy and a clean look
  • DIMENSIONS - 4.88" L x 7.5" W x 8" H
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION - Useful for holding office and school supplies, this convenient organizer can also make a valuable addition to hold spices and condiments in your kitchen or breakroom, or sort makeup supplies and brushes
  • NATURAL STYLE - The natural bamboo construction adds a chic, upscale look to your desk, bathroom, or makeup table
  • MAKE IT WORK - As versatile as your priorities, this storage solution puts organization at your fingertips