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Back Brace For Adjusting Posture, Black

Back Brace For Adjusting Posture, Black


Give the gift of health and wellness with posture solutions that can fix bad posture and overall health for men and women.

  • PAIN RELIEF & SUPPORT FOR BACK & SHOULDERS POSTURE CORRECTOR: Clavicle brace is light in weight and perfect for back posture correcting - soft material with breathable padding for comfortable wearing during the day - one of the most important things you can do for bodily health and wellness is to ensure you have standing, sleeping and sitting posture to align your neck and shoulders - necessary for work, at home and during your normal everyday life.
  • HEALTHY AND WELLNESS IMPROVES POSTURE: If you sit in front of a computer for hours which causes discomfort and soreness in your back and shoulders this product could help to change bad posture habits - Recovering from an injury and need a posture guide so that you sit and align your back and vertebrae - along with good eating habits and exercise regimen you should ensure you have good posture during the day.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & VERSATILE USE UNISEX: This well-made portable breathable posture support and corrector can be used by both men and women - breathable mesh fabric keeps air circulating so minimizes sweating when you wear it - discreetly worn under your clothes - stretchable material for most size people and can be worn over layers of clothing if you prefer.
  • COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Clavicle soft brace is light weight and adjusts to fit most as material is stretchable and easy to wear - easy to put on and remove - comfortably worn.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: No Assembly Required Breathable Mesh One-Side-Fits-All | 5 STAR Reviews | Material: polyester stretch - black | Measures 3.2" (L) x 3.2" (W) x 6" (H).
  • WEARABLE UNDERNEATH CLOTHING BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Perfect for teens who have round shoulders and spend too much time looking down at mobile devices or playing hand held video games - easy way to naturally correct teen posture - doesn't require thinking or reminding as the device helps to keep shoulders pulled back in a more optimal position - black color so can be worn over a black tee shirt or black workout clothing while working out.
  • PROMOTES HEALTH AND WELLNESS PAIN AND STRESS FREE: Improving posture is a great way to improve your overall health - there is an entire profession dedicated to posture and chiropractics to ensure the bone structure is in alignment to promote good health and immune system - eating well drinking a lot of water and exercise are also part of overall good health.
  • PAIN RELIEF SOLUTION PROMOTES GOOD HEALTH GIFT: Do you know a person who doesn't stand up straight - do you have or know a teenager who doesn't stand up straight and needs to correct their overall posture - this is a great gift to share with parents and friends who might need to pay more attention to their posture and shoulder position when sitting or standing - this simple gift could help a person begin to fix their posture.
  • REDUCES BODY AND HEAD PAIN CAUSED BY POOR POSTURE: Posture and shoulder position can affect how you feel and your cause other pains throughout the body as your neck and shoulders are out of alignment and pressure from bad posture causes head and neck pain - poor posture correction is very important to development and how you are perceived by others - good posture portrays self-esteem and how people view you.
  • EASY CARE MACHINE WASHABLE: Breathable fabric with stretch is machine washable and can hang dry for long lasting use - do not bleach - see care instructions on item label.

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