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Anti-Fatigue Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, Multiple Colors
Anti-Fatigue Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, Multiple Colors
Anti-Fatigue Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, Multiple Colors
Anti-Fatigue Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, Multiple Colors
Anti-Fatigue Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, Multiple Colors

Anti-Fatigue Multi-Purpose Floor Mat, Multiple Colors


Light Brown
Dark Brown
Grey Marble

Multi-Purpose Design: Designed and manufactured with the most durable and highest quality materials, the Mind Reader Anti-Fatigue Mat is ideal for multiple uses. The mat will provide comfort for you in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom and will reduce fatigue and improve productivity at the office at your standing desk. Ideal for any job that requires long hours of standing such as bank teller, cash registers, salons, and more. Provides the Comfort and Durability You Need: The Mind Reader Standing Mat is engineered with optimal firmness which will make you feel you are standing on the clouds yet is firm enough to provide support for long periods of time. Designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, our premium anti-fatigue mat features a non-slip bottom to ensure minimal to no movement. No more constant adjustments! Take Care of Your Body: The Mind Reader Anti-Fatigue Mat does wonders to your body once you use it daily at work or at home. The standing mat promotes good posture, reduces lower back pain, allows for less muscle and joint stiffness and reduces fatigue. With the Mind Reader Mat you will be more productive than ever. Superior Cushion: Buy today and join the millions of satisfied former foot, knee, joint, leg, and back pain sufferers that are enjoying better posture, muscle conditioning and improved overall health and well being. We use only the most durable and high quality materials that will not break down or compress over time, and work well in high traffic areas. Specifications: Material: Foam. Assembly Required? No assembly is required. 

  • Anti Fatigue Mat - The Mind Reader anti-fatigue floor mat enhances comfort while standing. It is engineered with comfort in mind. It can be used as a padded kitchen mat or for your standup desk that is guaranteed not to lose support over time. The perfect all purpose standing mat. Use in your home or office and give your space a sophisticated upgrade.
  • Comfortable - Our cushioned comfort floor mat is the perfect blend of support and softness for standing all in the kitchen or office. An excellent support cushion for those who are on their feet all day and night. Keep your feet, knees and joints comfortable.
  • Modern Design - Modern looking kitchen / desk mat that can match with any furniture depending on your décor. An excellent addition to your kitchen right under the sink when you are washing dishes or preparing dinner. A great choice for your office space that will give your desk an extra stylish look.
  • The Standing Mat You Can't Live Without - Imagine being relaxed while you do the dishes, fold laundry, or work at your standing desk. Make that a reality with the Mind Reader Anti Fatigue Mat. Designed with high grade material, our extra thick 3/4" mats are ergonomically engineered to keep your comfortable while standing for prolonged periods of time.
  • Stylish & Beautifully Designed For Your Home - The days of having to deal with ugly looking anti-fatigue kitchen mats are over. You can now choose comfort AND style with a variety of beautiful colors and patterns offered. Our mats are sure to complement just about any individual and unique style. 
  • The Safe Choice For You and Your Family - The mat's unique beveled edges help to prevent tripping and slipping. The foam underside is slip resistant and helps keep the mat in place for minimal adjustments. It's also 100% waterproof so don't worry about getting it wet when doing the dishes. 
  • Ships Flat For Easy Use - The Mind Reader Rug Mat always ship flat, so you won't have to worry about creases or folds when it arrives. No need to place weights on it for 24 hours in order to get it to lay flat. This mat will stand the test of time, even when placed in high traffic areas if your home or office.
  • High Quality Materials - Our mats are made with premium strength materials that offer strong, durable support for your legs and feet to stand on for long periods of time. The premium quality foam helps to eliminate tension to give you superior support in your kitchen, laundry room, office, or other high traffic areas.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain - Super simple and easy to clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth or vacuum as needed. Easily wipes clean and will not collect dirt or pet hair. NOTE: if you plan on using a vacuum for your standing mat, make sure it is safe to use on surfaces that are not carpet. 
  • Dimensions: 16.5 (L) x 27 (W) x 0.75 (H)