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Adjustable Single Monitor Stand with Rotating Swivel Arm for One Screen

Adjustable Single Monitor Stand with Rotating Swivel Arm for One Screen


Create a customized monitor setup in your home or office with the Mind Reader Adjustable Monitor Stand. At Mind Reader, we know that every desk is different, and the ideal workstation setup varies widely from person to person, room to room. Depending on the size of your desk, you may have room for your monitor, but many screens come with large bulky stands that occupy valuable space and offer little in the way of adjustability. Mounting your monitor offers a convenient adjustable alternative that frees up valuable desk space, and allows you to create the customized space you need for working, gaming, or studying. This monitor mount secures firmly to your desk either directly via the base, or by attaching the included C-clamp and clamping it onto the ledge. The monitor plate fastens directly to the back of your monitor, allowing you to remove the bulky stand from the bottom of your screen and giving you the flexibility to adjust your viewing angle and position with full support. Rotate and swivel the arm and your screen, so you can position your monitor vertically or horizontally as needed. Enjoy full 180-degree rotation for your monitor, adjustable height levels, integrated cable management slots, and a gas spring arm that prevents dangerous bounce-back and holds its position when moved. With support for up to 15.4 pounds, you’ll be able to create your own unique monitor arrangement with ease and convenience.
Take your workstation to new heights with a fully adjustable monitor stand from Mind Reader Products.

  • GAS SPRING ARMS - Make adjustments to the positioning of your monitors without any harsh bounce-back with assistance from the gas springs in the dual arms of this monitor stand
  • MOUNT YOUR MONITOR - Securely screw the mounting plates on each arm into compatible mounting slots on the back of each of your monitors, then adjust the tilt and angle of the screen to suit your needs
  • CONCEAL CABLES - The integrated cable management slot makes it easy for you to keep unsightly wires tucked away and out of view for a more aesthetically pleasing work space
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Offers 180-degree rotation for your monitor, adjustable height levels, and can be tilted forward and backward to create your ideal monitor setup
  • DIMENSIONS - 4″ L x 3.75″ W x 24″ H
  • MOUNTS TO DESK - Directly mount the durable steel base to your desk, or connect the included C-clamp and use that to clamp onto the desk surface
  • SWIVEL ARMS - Swivel the arm at the bottom or at the center joint to fit monitors of various sizes and arrange your space just the way you like it for studying, working, or gaming
  • SUPPORTED SIZES - This monitor mount is compatible with 17″ - 27″ monitor sizes and supports from 4.4 lbs to 15.4 lbs per arm

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