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Adjustable Height Laptop Desk,Black

Adjustable Height Laptop Desk,Black


Make your working lunches more efficient with an overbed laptop desk from Mind Reader Products. Are you still using an awkward folding table to try and eat lunch while doing work on your laptop or watching TV? Have you found yourself sitting on a couch and hunching over a low coffee table as you try to work and eat, giving yourself back pain and distracting discomfort? Take your working lunch to the next level with a sleek, convenient end table that easily pivots into a surface ideal for working, eating, or even reading. The adjustable height levels make it easy to fit over the arm of the couch, or over a bed. This unique desk is designed to fit cozily alongside your couch, bed, or armchair, and includes four handy wheels to make it easy to move into position, with locking levers that prevent it from rolling away while you eat or work. The low-profile base can fit underneath a couch or bed frame, so you can pull the table close to you or push it further away to a position that’s ideal for your needs. Rest a laptop or a plate on the stable particle board surface to work or eat in comfort. A lower shelf can also be used as a comfortable foot rest or provide additional storage as needed. Slide it into position when you need it, then easily slide it back into place. The Mind Reader adjustable height overbed desk lets you enjoy lunch from a comfortable position, or work efficiently from anywhere in the house. Materials: Powder-Coated Steel, Particle Board.

  • MULTI-USE - The unique design allows this table to be used for serving meals, doing work, even just reading a book or magazine comfortably from a couch, bed, or armchair.
  • RISE UP - Easily fits over couches, beds, or armchairs of varying sizes with adjustable height ranging from 21″ - 32.25″.SHELF STEP - A stable panel at the bottom functions just as easily as a footrest as an additional storage shelf for heavier books, power supplies, game controllers, etc
  • .FITS UNDERFOOT - The low-profile base fits under most couches and bed frames, making the desk ideal for using when sitting on a loveseat or while in bed.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15.25″ L x 23.75″ W x 21″ - 32.25″ H. Tabletop Surface: 15.25″ L x 23.75″ W. Bottom Panel: 14″ L x 9.75″ W, 5.5″ off the ground. 
  • DON’T ROLL AWAY - All four casters are equipped with locking levers, so you can keep the desk firmly in place without worrying about your dinner or work rolling away from you.
  • STORE IT - The wheels on this end table/portable desk allow it to be easily rolled into a corner or put away when you’re finished using it, making it great for flexible workspaces like living rooms, dens, family rooms, etc.
  • A FINE FIT - The clean black finish on this desk makes a fresh addition to any living room, home office, or dorm room.