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50 Capacity K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Pod Holder Storage Organizer

50 Capacity K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Pod Holder Storage Organizer


Store your coffee pods in an easily accessible, anti-spill storage wall from Mind Reader products. Finding storage for your K-cup collection can be a unique challenge. Carousels look great but often have limited storage capacities, or can spill coffee pods if they’re jostled. Storage drawers take up more counter space, and require even more space to fully extend the drawers, where your favorite flavor might be hiding all the way at the back of the row. The Mind Reader K-cup storage cabinet provides you with an easy-to-view, non-spill, conveniently accessible, and space-saving solution to your coffee pod storage conundrum. The open front and back design of the Mind Reader coffee pod storage unit makes it easy for you to view the tops of your K-cups to see which flavors are available. Stored in five rows of five on either side, the unit boasts a capacity of up to 50 K-cups at a time, each of which can be removed on its own, while the vertical design saves space on your countertop or at the breakfast buffet. The unique self-locking system secures each pod in place, so even if the cabinet is tipped at a 90-degree angle, the pods won’t spill out. A convenient chrome handle at the top of the unit makes it easy to carry from place to place, so you can refill the pods wherever they’re stored, and carry the unit easily back out to the break room, kitchen, lobby, or anywhere else you plan on using it. Sort and store up to 50 K-cups at a time in a stylish, space-saving cabinet from Mind Reader products. Materials: Plastic, Chrome.

  • STACKED STORAGE - This unique storage shelf holds five rows of five K-cups each on either side, for a total of 50 K-cups stored at one time.
  • LOCK DOWN PODS - Self-locking system secures cups in place so that they won’t fall out, even when the unit is tilted at a 90 degree angle.
  • OPEN DESIGN - Clearly and easily view all the flavors being stored in the front and back via the open design. No need to fully open a drawer just to try and see if there’s a different pod hiding all the way in the back of the row.
  • STAND STRONG - The built-in rubber gripper feet secure the storage unit in place, preventing it from slipping or sliding across the countertop, even in cases of spills.
  • DIMENSIONS - 5.20" L x 12.68" W x 14.48" H
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU - An integrated chrome handle for ease of portability makes it even more convenient to transport your coffee pods from place to place. Restock and return to the coffee area without worrying about dropping pods on the way.
  • SAVE SPACE - The vertical design of this storage cabinet makes it easy to store large numbers of K-cups or other coffee pods without taking up massive amounts of space in your cabinets or on countertops.
  • CLEAN CUT - Modern, stylish design looks polished at home, in the office, in breakfast service areas, or anywhere else you want to use it.

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