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5-Piece Bandage Scissor

5-Piece Bandage Scissor


Cut through the red tape, and almost any other material you need to, with this 5-pack of sturdy bandage scissors from Mind Reader.
This 5-pack of multi-colored bandage and trauma scissors measures at 6″ in length, making them smaller than the standard OR shears, but conveniently sized to pack in a med kit, first aid kit, or even backpacks or similar small spaces. Designed to cut through a wide variety of thick and thin materials, ranging from medical gauze to seatbelts, these bandage scissors feature serrated, stainless-steel blades that can be autoclaved or sanitized as needed.
The high-impact, plastic-coated handles ensure you’re able to maintain a firm grip while cutting with these shears, and a blunt tip guarantees that you only cut where you want to cut, providing safety for you and your patients. Constructed to work quickly and efficiently, Mind Reader bandage scissors make swift work of tough materials. Locate them easily, even in a jumble of medical materials, with brightly colored handles that stand apart.
This 5-pack of bandage scissors from Mind Reader is an absolute must-have for EMTs, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and medics alike. Mind Reader: The products you want, the way you want to buy them. Materials: Stainless steel, Plastic.

  • CUT THROUGH IT - These high-quality bandage scissors are designed to cut through a variety of thick and thin materials, including gauze, tape, bandage materials, and even seatbelts.
  • STAINLESS STRENGTH - Stainless steel blades are strong enough to make critical cuts and easy to clean and sanitize after use.
  • FIELD-READY - Easy to keep in a belt or first-aid kit, great for EMTs, EMS workers, doctors, trauma nurses, and paramedics to have on hand.
  • SLICE AFTER SLICE - Durable high-impact construction ensures that these bandage scissors will hold up to tough conditions.
  • DIMENSIONS - 6″ L x 2.75″ W x 0.25″ D
  • MAKE CUTS COUNT - Mind Reader bandage scissors feature sharp blades with serrated edges to provide quick, efficient cutting even under stressful conditions.
  • GET A GRIP - Keep hold of your shears even in intense conditions using the brightly colored, high-impact, plastic-coated handles.
  • STAY SAFE - The blunt tip at the end of your Mind Reader bandage and trauma shears ensures that you only cut materials you want to cut, and protects your patients skin from damage.

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