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40X20 Free Standing Chalkboard Restaurant Display Sign

40X20 Free Standing Chalkboard Restaurant Display Sign


Catch the attention of new potential customers with this A-Framed chalkboard. You can call out your specials for the day, bring attention to best menu items or even promote any upcoming events with this chalkboard. No longer will you have to hire a mascot to get customers to come in, just simply write it all down & draw the crowd. 

  • Easy Erase - Chalkboard easily erases with chalkboard eraser. Best to use chalkboard eraser to prevent the messy look on the chalkboard
  • Double Sided Chalkboard - Don't have enough room on one side of the chalkboard? No worries just turn it around & use the other side of the chalkboard to finish your thoughts
  • Collapsible Design - This chalkboard can easily fold up when you’re done. Allowing you to simply store away when not in use.
  • Reliable Sturdy Design - Sturdy design ensures that it will withstand heavy winds whenever you leave it outside
  • Versatile Use - Not only do you have to use it for a restaurant, but you are able to use it for your wedding, teaching, play time & more
  • Dimensions: 27.5 (L) x 20 (W) x 40.25 (H)