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36 Capacity K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Pod Storage Drawer Organizer

36 Capacity K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Pod Storage Drawer Organizer


The MIND READER Single Serve Coffee Organizers with drawers are a breakroom must-have.  Storage units saves you time space and stress while looking modern in your office or kitchen! Getting up in the morning to make coffee shouldn’t feel like a frantic scavenger hunt to find what you need Keep your kitchen drawers and cabinets closed skip the scrambling and get out the door on time with your coffee in hand With this multi piece combo set have all your coffee essentials such as stirrers sugar packets and coffee cup sleeves in a single simple and neatly organized place Organize all of your favorite coffee pods using this convenient storage solution For any moment in the day or night where coffee is in order simply find what you're looking for Don't let spills or stains stop you either! Just cause coffee stations can get a little dirty this organizer is easily cleaned in just a few wipes The top surface and inside drawer can have mess effortlessly washed away with a single cloth or paper towel Simply pull the drawer out and clean away! We've also designed this pod holder with minimalism and simplicity in mind Its smooth curves and edges instantly blend into any type of decor with minimalism and style It adds a clean yet luxurious touch to your office or kitchen space And we know that quality coffee deserves quality storage So never again do you have to place your expensive finely brewed coffee inside the grip of a sticky flimsy poorly constructed pod holders carousels or racks Let this durable coffee storage drawer (made with attention to detail and superior materials) reflect your tastes Join the coffee lovers around the world who rely on the MIND READER Single Serve Coffee Cup Drawer and Holder to keep their coffee pods and other essentials organized and accessible It's a simple reliable and affordable coffee storage solutions that's just a click away. Perfect for organizing your coffee and condiment essentials at home, hospitality, restaurant, office breakroom, college dorm room, study hall and more!

  • SINGLE CUP COFFEE POD ORGANIZING SOLUTION:  Includes a large single-serve coffee pod organizer unit - holds up to 42 individual disposable pods - perfect for hot beverage service areas at work within breakrooms, at home on your countertop, in the lobby of your hotel, motel or resort, in your patient waiting room, dorm suite gathering area or anywhere people go during the day for a coffee, tea or hot chocolate pick me up.
  • ULTIMATE BREAKROOM OR KITCHEN COUNTER SPACE-SAVER:  Office managers everywhere should be using the Mind Reader single serve coffee pod organizers for employees in the work place - this space saving solution keeps you organized, neat and tidy within the smallest kitchen or office spaces - stack single serve coffee/tea/hot cocoa maker on top of the pod organizer unit to save counter space - providing organizing units makes it easy for people to keep their work space or home counter tops clean and organized.
  • SLEEK BLACK WITH CHROME DESIGN COMPLIMENTS APPLIANCES: This storage unit for organizing your hot beverage essentials compliment any kitchen decor and easily works within the kitchen, office or work space décor - easily organize coffee pods - makes finding and making your favorite coffee flavors easy.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Black | Material: Plastic Resin | Quanty: one | Dimensions 13.19" L x 12.91" W x 2.83" H
  • MAKES A GREAT HOLIDAY, HOUSEWARMING OR BRIDAL GIFT:  Your best friend, the bride and groom, grandma & grandpa, mom and dad and anyone else who loves coffee as much as you do will appreciate this gesture - create a gift basket complete with coffee maker, hot beverage essentials, decorative coffee/tea mugs, their favorite coffee and don't forget the Mind Reader singe serve pod storage units and organizing essentials to ensure they stay organized and neat at home.
  • FOR DEDICATED JAVA LOVERS EVERYWHERE:  Coffee pod storage unit is perfect for coffee and tea lovers of all varieties - keep near beverage and coffee essentials - mix it up with single serve coffee pods, hot chocolate pods - easily organize your coffee and hot beverage coffee pods by color and flavor or mix it up so each time you make a cup of coffee you get a different flavor - use each side of the drawer to store and organize your morning java pods - easy slide out drawers make it easy to make a quick cup of Java and close drawer to conceal pods inside and keep your favorite coffee ready for the next time.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Your quality coffee pods and essentials deserve quality storage -  Never again do you have to place your expensive finely brewed coffee inside the grip of sticky flimsy poorly constructed coffee pod carousel holders - Let these durable coffee storage units made of hard resins do the job for years to come - withstand daily traffic and use by your family, co-workers and patrons - be proud to display these useful storage devices anywhere.
  • HOSPITALITY AND RESTAURANT INDUSTRY WILL LOVE THIS SET: Define hospitality beverage areas in hotel rooms, lobbies, waiting areas and self-service restaurant beverage areas with Mind Reader coffee pod organizing units with drawers - made for organizing beverage areas for your guests and patrons - make it easy for people to find everything they need for a delicious hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate to get warm or get their favorite pick me up.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Don't let spills or stains get in the way! Coffee stations can be messy, but this MIND READER coffee organizer is easily cleaned in just a few wipes. The top surface and inside drawer can be wiped effortlessly with a cloth or paper towel.