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35 Capacity Rotating Metal K-Cup Carousel Pod Holder
35 Capacity Rotating Metal K-Cup Carousel Pod Holder
35 Capacity Rotating Metal K-Cup Carousel Pod Holder

35 Capacity Rotating Metal K-Cup Carousel Pod Holder



Put your own spin on organizing coffee pods with a coffee carousel from Mind Reader Products.
Sorting your single serve coffee pods can be a frustrating necessity in the kitchen, the office breakroom, waiting room, and other areas where you have a single serve brewing machine setup. Stacking individual boxes can be a catastrophe waiting to happen, while other storage solutions take up extensive space. The coffee pod carousel from Mind Reader products offers a space-saving storage solution that stands strong, looks stylish, and provides easy access to all your coffee pod flavors at once.
This convenient carousel offers seven rows for sorting your coffee pods, each holding a maximum of five pods, for a total capacity of 35 coffee pods stored at a time. To get your favorite brew, simply turn the carousel and pick your pod from its compartment; the lazy-susan-style design rotates quietly and easily. The modern powder-coated mesh design makes a polished accent wherever you choose to use your carousel, so you can sort your single serve pods of coffee, tea, hot chocolate easily, and view all of the available flavors by simply turning the stand. If you know a single serve coffee lover with a substantial collection, this stylish rotating organizer from Mind Reader Products makes the perfect gift!
Stack and spin your coffee collection with a Mind Reader rotating coffee pod holder.

  • SPIN TO WIN - Rotates for easy access, so you can get to the flavor you want instantly, and without any hassle. Just spin the carousel and choose your favorite coffee from the collection
  • SORTING MADE SIMPLE - The individual compartments make it easy to sort and view your coffee pod collection by flavor, caffeination, brand, or packaging
  • COMPACT CAROUSEL - Save counter space with a compact circular design, rather than a large storage wall or drawer; carousels take up less space and provide easy access to coffee pods
  • STACKED STORAGE - This unique storage carousel holds seven rows of five single serve coffee pods, for a total of 35 pods stored at one time
  • DIMENSIONS - 6.12″ L x 6.12″ W x 12.25″ H
  • CLEAN CUT - Modern, powder-coated black mesh design looks polished at home, in the office, in breakfast service areas, or anywhere else you want to use it
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - Makes a stupendous gift for the coffee lover in your life with lots of single serve coffee pods and nowhere to put them

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