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3 Tier Metal Mesh Multi Purpose Kitchen Storage Organizer

3 Tier Metal Mesh Multi Purpose Kitchen Storage Organizer


Clear up the countertop with this set of organizing wire mesh steps from Mind Reader Products. This multi-level set of two risers allows you to easily organize your condiments, spices, tea collection, dry goods, pastries, and other items while saving space and clearing up clutter on your counters. Durable wire mesh construction ensures your items will be well-supported, and the ample space underneath the risers allows you to stash extra items behind them. The stacked design allows you to clearly view the items on each shelf without taking up extra space. Use this functional set of risers in the kitchen, bathroom, office, dorm room, or classroom to organize your essentials in style.

  • DOUBLE STACK - This unique set of two organizing steps provides ample space to sort and stash your essentials on your kitchen counter, desktop, or vanity and can be stacked separately or side-by-side to create an extended storage shelf
  • CLEAR THE COUNTER - Eliminate excess clutter and avoid losing necessary supplies on your counter by using these convenient risers to sort and organize your condiments, spices, tea bags, and more
  • OPEN ACCESS - Open-style step design allows you to clearly view and organize your supplies, with extra room underneath the risers for additional items
  • PRACTICAL FASHION - The wire mesh construction adds a chic, upscale look to your countertop, bar, desk, or vanity, almost appearing invisible when fully stocked with items
  • DIMENSIONS - 9.25″ L x 20″ W x 4″ H (each)
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION - Useful for holding spices, condiments, tea, and other essentials in your kitchen, these convenient organizers can also make a valuable addition to hold letters, folders, and other office supplies, or to sort makeup supplies and brushes
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Don’t worry about spills or messes with these wire mesh steps--simply rinse them off or wipe them down with warm water and a soapy solution, and you’re back in business
  • MAKE IT WORK - As versatile as your priorities, these storage solutions put organization at your fingertips

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