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3 Shelf Adjustable Hanging Locker or Closet Organizer
3 Shelf Adjustable Hanging Locker or Closet Organizer
3 Shelf Adjustable Hanging Locker or Closet Organizer

3 Shelf Adjustable Hanging Locker or Closet Organizer


EASY TO ACCESS SHELVES: Equipped with 3 shelving units, Mind Reader’s Hanging Accessory Shelf offers ample space for storing your favorite clothing and accessories while maximizing the vertical space usage in your closet. 2 sturdy hooks on the top fit most closet rods or lockers. Hang it in your closet or other places to effectively classify your garments. DURABLE & STURDY: Mind Reader’s Locker Organizer is made from premium canvas with reinforced cardboard for stability and durability. Our canvas is wear-resistant, protecting your books, clothes or other accessories from dirt, dust and moths. MAXIMUM UTILIZATION OF VERTICAL SPACE: Mind Reader’s Shelf Closet Organizer makes the best of vertical space to save your floor space. Hang it on closet rods to store clothes or small items and collapse it to save space. You could also fold it up when you need it for travel use. An ideal storage solution for school and gym lockers. COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: The foldable feature of this Closet Shelf Organizer means that it’s space-saving and convenient to take on the road with you. You could simply fold it up when you don’t use it or when you need it for travel use. 3 MESH SIDE COMPARTMENTS: Equipped with 3 side mesh storage compartments for smaller supplies and accessories. TOP SIDE POCKET: 8.5" L x 5.5" H. MIDDLE SIDE POCKET: (2 POCKETS SPLITS IN HALF) 4.25" L x 7" H. BOTTOM SIDE POCKET: 8.5" L x 7" H. Specifications: Material: Poly Canvas. Assembly Required? Assembly is required. 2-5 minutes assembly time for one person. 
  • Locker Organizer - A great storage solution for your messy locker. Stay organized with the Mind Reader 3 Shelf Hanging Storage. Allows you to organize your text books, spiral notebooks, calculator, ruler, crayons, markers, and more. Side pockets can hold your smaller school supplies like pens, pencils, index cards, post its, and much more. 
  • Store and Go - No More Mess, No More Clutter! Mind reader's Hanging Closet Organizer is the perfect décor for your closet space. The foldable feature of this closet organizer makes it space-saving and convenient for you to travel with. Take it with you to the gym, to school, or even on the road with you for hotels or air b&b.
  • Sturdy and Durable - Thickened boards inside help balance the weight and prevent the shelf from sagging. Never waste another minute sorting or searching for the clothing or accessories you want. Keep all your books and locker accessories in tact and organized. Made with attention to detail so that this storage hanging shelf will last for years of usage. Constructed of heavy polyester fabric with rigid shelf inserts and sturdy steel.
  • Spacious Storage Capacity - Comprised of 3 roomy, easy access shelves, this hanging closet organizer offers ample space for storing clothing and accessories like sweaters, towels, pajamas and hats. Fully utilize the space in your wardrobe, coatroom or trailer for your clothes and accessory storage. 
  • Simple Assembly Is Required - Comes almost ready to use out of the box, simply attach the hooks to the top of the fabric shelf organizer and you are ready to start storing and organizing your books and school supplies.
  • Upgrading Your Space - Pair with other Mind Reader household accessories and organization kits to create a stylish, vibrant living space. A great closet organizer for your home, or even better, a superb locker accessories organizer. Upgrade your closet space by adding neat shelves for your shirts, or upgrade your locker by adding 3 shelfs for your books and supplies.
  • Adjustable Shelves - The Mind Reader Hanging Organizer can adjust from 20 inches high to 38 inches high. Easily converts from three to two shelves by folding bottom shelf up top snap in place. Ideal function for smaller gym lockers, or school lockers that do not have enough space for a 37 inch high hanging organizer.
  • Multi-Purpose Shelving Organizer - Not only is the hanging organizer great for lockers as an accessory, but it is also perfect for your home closet. You can make this into a shelf organizer in your closet by hanging it from the rods or hooking into your closet space. Use this as a shelf at work, home, gym, camp or RV.
  • Dimensions: 6.69 (L) x 9.25 (W) x 36.81 (H)

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