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3 Compartment Plastic Bin Storage With Clear Lids

3 Compartment Plastic Bin Storage With Clear Lids


Straighten up your desk, counter, or makeup table with this multi-function organizer from Mind Reader Products.
Eliminate clutter from your desktop with a convenient condiment organizer from Mind Reader products. Constructed from durable, reliable plastic, this space-saving holder helps you sort and stash single serving condiments like ketchup and mustard, sugar, sweetener packets, single creamer cups, or even office and makeup supplies. The multi-compartment design allows you to easily sort and locate whatever you need, precisely when you need it.
A handy multi-section layout with pull-out drawers makes it a breeze for you to organize and store objects that can easily get mixed up or lost when just laying on your counter or in a drawer, so you can more conveniently keep track of them. Use this functional organizer for your spices and condiments in the kitchen or at a coffee station, craft supplies, office supplies and accessories, or even to sort your makeup and other items. Purchase multiple organizers and stack them on top of each other or arrange them side-by-side for a stylish multi-level storage solution. The classic black finish and opaque drawers make a stylish addition to your home or office desktop, kitchen counter, breakroom, or makeup station.
As versatile as your priorities, this sturdy condiment organizer from Mind Reader Products puts organization at your fingertips.

  • SPACE-SAVING STAPLE - The multi-section design with pull-out drawers helps to save space on your kitchen counter or desk by providing a convenient storage solution for your single serving condiment packets, coffee creamer cups, tea bags, or other supplies
  • DESIGNED FOR DUTY - The indented surface of this stackable set of miniature storage bins can either create a multi-level storage solution or provide extra space to stash additional items
  • DECLUTTER THE COUNTER - Eliminate excess clutter on your counter by using this convenient holder to sort and organize your essentials, so you can always find a chamomile sachet exactly when you need one
  • DRAWER DECOR - The multi-sectioned stackable pull-out drawer design provides an easy way to access your necessary kitchen or office supplies while saving space on your shelf, counter, or desk
  • DIMENSIONS - 4.25" L x 13" W x 5.25" H
  • FLEXIBLE FUNCTION - Useful for holding condiments or kitchen supplies, this convenient organizer can also make a valuable addition to hold spices and condiments in your lobby or breakroom, or sort makeup or craft supplies
  • MAKE IT WORK - As versatile as your priorities, this storage solution puts organization at your fingertips