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3-Piece Galvanized Canister with Lid Set, Silver

3-Piece Galvanized Canister with Lid Set, Silver


Add class to your counters with these rustic storage canisters from Mind Reader Products.
Make sure your countertop stays organized with a set of sturdy canisters designed for easy storage and access of items like dry produce, baking essentials, and other frequently used kitchen necessities. Say goodbye to the days of storing these items in their bags and boxes, making your kitchen look tacky and cluttered, and replace them with a storage solution that’s both simple and stylish. Use canisters to keep clutter off your counters, store your dry produce safely, and enjoy a rustic vibe in your kitchen, dining room, crafting area, or anywhere you choose to use them.
These galvanized steel canisters from Mind Reader products come in a set of three canisters, each boasting a capacity over 6.5 cups, with included lids. The lids ensure that anything you choose to keep inside these containers stays protected and private. Get plenty of use from your canisters by hand washing them before refilling them, keeping them free of bacteria and preserving their longevity. Already have a set of countertop canisters? Fill these space-saving storage containers with utensils, cutlery, sugar packets, craft supplies, office essentials, makeup items, or anything else you need to store in an easily accessible location. The rustic design blends in beautifully on your countertops, vanity, dresser, coffee table, and anywhere else you choose to use them.
Enjoy stylish, space-saving storage solutions from Mind Reader Products.

  • CAPABLE CAPACITY - With a capacity of over 6.5 cups, these classy canisters provide ample space for storing dried goods, snacks, or baking essentials in your kitchen
  • REUSABLE RECEPTACLES - Unlike disposable bags or plastic bowls that end up in the trash after one use, these stylish canisters can be washed and reused over and over again for as long as you own them
  • VERSATILE USABILITY - Use these stylish canisters to store your dry goods like sugar, flour, rice, and pasta, or to store individual serving items, snacks, crafting supplies, pet food, makeup supplies, office accessories, and so much more
  • RUSTIC LOOK - Class up your countertops with these stylishly designed, rustic galvanized canisters, perfect for kitchens, dining areas, crafting rooms, or breakrooms
  • DIMENSIONS - 4.5″ L x 4.5″ W x 6.25″ H each
  • EASY CLEAN DESIGN - In between refillings, these storage canisters are easily hand washed to maintain their integrity and cleanliness
  • COVER IT UP - Keep your stored items safe from the elements or prying eyes by covering up the canisters with the matching included lids, so your rice stays dry until you’re ready for it