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3-Cup Galvanized Steel  Kitchen Countertop Utensils Caddy

3-Cup Galvanized Steel Kitchen Countertop Utensils Caddy

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Section your flatware in style with a rustic galvanized 3-section utensil organizer from Mind Reader Products. Enhance your picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor parties with this convenient organizer, which makes it easy to separate and coordinate your flatware and other cutlery without taking up tons of space. Plasticware and regular cutlery can be a hassle at parties, or look tacky when simply spread out on the table, and storing these items in cups can lead to accidental toppling. Use this organizer to make your cutlery and flatware accessible from all directions, while maintaining a stylish appearance. The galvanized steel construction of the Mind Reader utensil organizer provides sturdy support and thorough airflow for your utensils. A built-in handle on top of the unit provides a simple way to carry your utensils wherever they’re needed, so you can quickly run inside during parties if you need to restock, or move the container from the table to a counter with ease. Each section’s circular design offers 360° accessibility while also minimizing the footprint on your countertop, vanity, or picnic table. Not only great for storing kitchen cutlery and large or small utensils, this holder makes a great place for your paint brushes, craft supplies, makeup brushes and palettes, office supplies, or school supplies. Make room on the guest list for a Mind Reader Utensil Organizer at your next garden party.

  • EASY KITCHEN ORGANIZATION: The wide-open top compartment on all three holders of our cutlery caddy allow for simple organization and easy access to all of your kitchen flatware and utensils.
  • CAPACITY: Able to hold over 30 pieces of various sizes of cutlery, in a simple, organized, and neat way. Our silver utensil holder is made to provide maximum capacity in a lightweight and compact footprint.
  • SPACE SAVER: Gone are the days where you're chaotically rummaging through drawers, cabinets, and dishwashers, looking for a fork or spoon. Our kitchen utensil holder keeps all of your flatware in one place, saving you space, stress, and time.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Using top-end metal, we've precision-engineered our flatware caddy to be durable against any silverware you place into the holders, sturdy enough to resist any warping, bending, scraping or damage for many years.
  • DIMENSIONS: 7" L x 7" W x 10.25" H
  • STYLISH: Minimal, modern, yet visually pleasing, our silverware holder instantly upgrades the aesthetic of your home. Serve your family and friends with simplicity and style.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cooking and eating can get a little messy. Thankfully our utensil organizer is easy to clean. One wipe with a damp cloth or towel, or a rinse through the sink will have it looking good as new.