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21 L Waste Bin Trash Can with Handle and Foot Pedal, Ivory/Black

21 L Waste Bin Trash Can with Handle and Foot Pedal, Ivory/Black


Reduce unwanted mess and dispose of waste neatly with a flip-top bin from Mind Reader. Trash is a messy business. Keep your room tidied up in style with a waste bin that not only holds an impressive 21 L worth of waste, but also looks great when placed in a home office, bedroom, dorm room, bathroom, or wherever else you may need it. This convenient miniature trash can stands just 15″ high, so you can fit it in the corner, under a sink, or even beneath your desk,and sports a removable bucket with an easy-carry wire handle to help make disposal quick and efficient. Open-air waste bins may be thought of as more convenient, but can often produce substantial odors, attract fruit flies and other insects, and allow bacteria to waft through the air. The Mind Reader waste bin features a flip-top lid that can be opened either manually or via the convenient food pedal at the bottom. When finished, the lid falls closed onto plastic, avoiding unnecessary clanging or disruptive noise. Tidying up your room has never looked this chic! Material: Metal, Plastic.

  • FLIP-TOP - The convenient flip-open lid swings open so you can dispose of trash, then closes to keep odors and bacteria inside.
  • KEEP HANDS CLEAN - No need to get your hands dirty opening the lid: simply step on the foot pedal and raise the lid to dispose of your waste.
  • DUMP AND GO - No liner? No problem. Use the built-in handle to lift the whole bin compartment out, and easily dump your trash into a larger bin or trash bag.
  • FORM AND FUNCTION - Standing just 14.95″ tall, the small profile of this petite trash bin allows it to fit neatly into corners, under sinks, and other discreet locations.
  • DIMENSIONS - 13.8″ L x 11.6″ W x 14.95″
  • HINDISPENSABLE DISPOSAL - As stylish as it is subtle, the Mind Reader flip-top waste bin makes an essential addition to bathrooms, home offices, or bedrooms.
  • STEALTHY SEAL - The lid design provides a quiet open and close, without producing any noisy clanging, so you can dispose of your garbage without disrupting those around you.