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2-Tube Pedal Resistance Band Home Fitness Strength Training Equipment, Black

2-Tube Pedal Resistance Band Home Fitness Strength Training Equipment, Black


Add a Mind Reader pedal resistance band to your home fitness routine today and stretch your way to improved strength and flexibility. While it seems a simple design, a stretchable piece of tubing connecting two handles, and two pedals in which to place your feet, the benefits are many and varied. You can perform a number of exercises while lying down, standing up and twisting from side to side, and pull with your arms or with your feet, to target varying unique muscle groups and develop muscle strength over time. The Mind Reader elastic pedal resistance band features two separate pieces of rubber tubing connected to two sets of ergonomic, non-slip handles covered in EVA foam. Insert your feet in the lower pedal-shaped portions, while grasping the top handles in your hands, and stretch the resistance bands upward, side to side, or perform other exercises with it to continue developing your muscle strength. The lightweight, durable composition makes this efficient workout tool highly portable, so you can take your workout to the office, or even pack it in your suitcase for travel usage. Develop your home fitness with a tried and true exercise essential: the Mind Reader foot retractor.
Dimensions: 2.5″ L x 24″ W x 2.5″ D Materials: EVA Foam, Latex, Plastic.

  • STRETCH IT OUT - The high tensile strength of the two stretchable tubes allows for a wide variety of strength training and exercises, while resisting breakage.
  • FIRM HOLD - The ergonomic foam-wrapped handle provides a comfortable support during your workout, while a no-slip grip maintains that support even if your palms get damp.
  • KEEP IT LIGHT - Durable, lightweight construction makes this pedal resistance band ultra-portable and great for indoor or outdoor use by adults of all training levels.
  • STRENGTH THROUGH RESISTANCE - Build strength and flexibility by performing a variety of exercises targeting the waist, shoulders, arms, and legs, all with one simple device!
  • DIMENSIONS - 2.5″ L x 24″ W x 2.5″
  • DAVOID RECOIL - The plastic-coated composition ensures that this unit won’t change shape over time, or recoil and pinch your hair and skin the way metal resistance pullers do.
  • TAKE WORKOUTS ON THE GO - Don’t weigh down your luggage with bulky dumbbell sets; this pedal resistance band travels easily and provides muscle-building resistance without adding extra weight in your suitcase.

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