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2 Levels Adjustable Aerobic Stepper with Anti-Slip Surface, Black

2 Levels Adjustable Aerobic Stepper with Anti-Slip Surface, Black


Step your way to higher-intensity home fitness with a Mind Reader adjustable aerobic stepping platform. Adding a step platform to your home fitness routine is a great way to improve your cardio and aerobic regimen without adding additional stress on your joints. When you step up and down on a step platform, it naturally increases your heart rate, bringing you into the cardio zone quicker, so you can burn calories faster and gain aerobic benefits from an elevated heart rate. Step aerobics can be great for users of all ages, and can help improve bone density, lead to elevated mood, and help manage blood pressure and diabetes. The Mind Reader step platform provides the ideal base for your home aerobic step fitness routines, with additional risers that can elevate it to a taller height. The textured surface provides improved traction, so you can step on and off without sliding, whether you’re wearing shoes or not. High-quality plastic construction stands up to repeated stepping, without adding extra weight, so you can pack it in your gym bag for group classes, or keep it for your home fitness workout sessions. Build a stronger, fitter body by using the premium adjustable height fitness step platform from Mind Reader products. Material: Plastic.

  • STEP IT UP - Increase the intensity of your home workouts with an aerobic fitness stepping platform that adds the resistance training of pumping your legs and improves the cardio level of your home workouts.
  • STURDY SUPPORT - This multi-function stepping platform is constructed with dependable ABS plastic and can support up to 300 lbs., making it ideal for a variety of home workouts and fitness routines.
  • YOUR WORKOUT, YOUR WAY - Add the risers to increase the height level of the stepper and the intensity of your workout, or use the stepper at its natural height.
  • TEXTURED PROTECTION - The textured anti-slip surface of the riser provides improved traction and stability, and protects against your feet sliding off, so you can step on and off with confidence.
  • DIMENSIONS - 16″ L x 26.75″ W x 7.5″ H
  • STEP IN TIME - The high-quality plastic construction supports your stepping platform and withstands repeated use, assuring that your stepper will support you and your home workout routines.
  • BUILT TO CARRY - Taking a group fitness class? Pack your stepper in your gym bag; the lightweight composition ensures you won’t be weighed down.