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2 Ceramic Bowls with Galvanized Tray, Silver

2 Ceramic Bowls with Galvanized Tray, Silver


Are you tired of walking back and forth to the kitchen for your condiments? Add the perfect addition to your kitchen and save yourself from the aggravation of juggling different condiments in your hand. With this condiment serving tray you can now pick your favorite sauces and take them all with you in one go. 

  • DURABLE: Galvanized tray is strong enough to carry all your condiments with no hassle. While the ceramic bowls gives you enough space to add as much sauce that you need.
  • RELIABLE: Beautiful galvanized tray will not cause you issues. The ceramic bowls will deliver, and you will not be disappointed in it.
  • INCLUDES: Comes with a galvanized rectangular tray that holds two round ceramic bowls to allow you to choose from two of your favorite sauces. 
  • STYLISH: It's unique rustic look will add the perfect aesthetic to your kitchen. The wood galvanized steel with the ceramic bowls gives it that perfect blend of rustic and modern that you are looking for. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Both the galvanized steel and the ceramic bowls makes it easy to clean. Simply add water and a soap and wash with a clean cloth then dry. Best if hand washed.  
  • DIMENSIONS: 3 (L) x 6 (W) x 1.13(H)