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2.5 Quart Salad Spinner with Handle (3 Pcs), Green/White

2.5 Quart Salad Spinner with Handle (3 Pcs), Green/White


Harness the power of centrifugal force to dry your produce with a Mind Reader Salad Spinner. What is a salad spinner and why should you use one? A salad spinner uses a circular spinning process to thoroughly dry your lettuce, herbs, and other produce in a more clean and efficient manner than simply blotting them dry with hand towels or paper towels, which may leave behind unwanted fibers and residue. By rapidly spinning the greens, water is flung off the surface, eliminating moisture and leaving behind meticulously dried goods, while conserving use of paper towels and avoiding unnecessary waste. Reducing moisture droplets on lettuce also allows for more thoroughly dressed salads, since dressing no longer becomes diluted when poured on top. The Mind Reader salad spinner sports a 2.5 qt capacity, allowing enough room for a large salad’s worth of lettuce, while saving space on your countertop, shelves, and in your dishwasher. The netted basket provides ample space for moisture droplets to escape, without letting pieces of lettuce or other greens through. An included BPA-free plastic bowl can double for serving salad, holding produce, or just simply for mixing ingredients. The non-slip feet and easy-to-use crank handle offer additional stability and security while you’re spinning that spinach. Try a Mind Reader salad spinner today, and experience fresher, faster dried lettuce and produce. Materials: BPA-Free Plastic.

  • GET SPINNING - Stop shaking and blotting your produce with hand towels or paper towels! Use centrifugal force to your advantage with a salad spinner.
  • QUICK DRYING - Dry your lettuce and other produce quickly and easily, using the circular motion to separate water from your produce through the netted basket material, leaving behind properly dried greens.
  • STRESS-FREE - The simple operation makes this appliance truly effortless; turn the handle to start spinning, and stop turning when you’re done to stop the spinning and remove your greens.
  • DRESS TO IMPRESS - Drying lettuce leaves in a salad spinner eliminates the majority of water droplets, allowing for more thorough dressing coverage and reducing dilution.
  • DIMENSIONS - 8.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 7″
  • DCONVENIENT SIZE - The 2.5 quart, BPA-free plastic spinner and bowl are perfect for washing and drying lettuce and other produce, but won’t occupy massive space on your countertops, shelves, or in the dishwasher.
  • NON-SLIP FEET - The salad spinner bowl also features four non-slip rubberized feet to ensure you don’t end up tossing your greens across the room.
  • HOLD ON TO YOUR SPINACH - The integrated handle crank not only operates the spinner, but also holds the bowl steady during operation, providing additional stability and security.

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