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Self Healing Cutting Mat, 12" x 18", 5 layers, Long Lasting, Non-Slip Mat, Crafty, Green

Self Healing Cutting Mat, 12" x 18", 5 layers, Long Lasting, Non-Slip Mat, Crafty, Green


Give your projects a competitive edge working on this self healing cutting mat from Mind Reader Products.
Any person involved with crafting and other creative projects such as design mockups, photography framing, and other artistic ventures, is familiar with using a cutting mat. These dense mats not only protect your working surface during cutting, but also protect your rotary blades, utility knives, straight blades, and other crafting cutters from becoming rapidly dull. These mats also make essential additions to the working surface of quilters, seamstresses, and other hobbyists.
The Mind Reader self-healing cutting mat provides you with five durable layers for an overall 1/8-inch thickness that readily ensures whatever surface you work on will remain undamaged. The self-healing surface reseals itself after each cut to provide you with longevity and durability, protecting not only your table and other working surfaces, but also keeping your blades from dulling. At a size of 12 x 18 inches, you can easily pack this in a bag or backpack with other supplies for when you need to take your projects with you. Use the gridlines and angles to guide your precision cuts, maintain straight lines, and craft a superior work of art.
Protect your tabletops and crafting utilities with the Mind Reader self-healing cutting mat.
Dimensions: 12″ L x 18″ W x 0.125″ H
Materials: Plastic

  • GUIDED CUTS - Use the printed guidelines, measurement tools, and angle guides to improve the precision of your cutting and maintain a perfectly straight edge every time
  • DOUBLE-SIDED - Flip the mat over to access a separate set of gridlines for cutting different types of project, allowing you to craft as precisely as you want to
  • SELF-HEALING - The five-layer construction of this cutting mat provides protection for your knives and ensures long-lasting durability by resealing the surface after every use
  • COMFORTABLE SIZE - The spacious 12 x 18 inch mat not only provides plenty of working room for projects, but is portable enough to pack and take along with you when needed
  • DIMENSIONS - 12″ L x 18″ W x 0.125″ H
  • SURFACE SECURITY - Protect your work surface from erroneous slicing with this 1/8 inch (3mm) dense, self-healing mat, ideal for crafting, framing, and other cutting projects
  • MULTI-BLADE COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for use with rotary blades, straight cutting blades, and other craft blades

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