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50 Pack Decorative Disposable Bathtub Plug
50 Pack Decorative Disposable Bathtub Plug
50 Pack Decorative Disposable Bathtub Plug

50 Pack Decorative Disposable Bathtub Plug



Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath anytime you want with a variety pack of tub stoppers from Mind Reader Products.
Tub stoppers perform an essential function for relaxation activities, but can often easily be overlooked in other household hardware shopping. Worn out drain plugs can lead to poor water blockage, leading to a bubble bath that slowly drains as you’re trying to enjoy it. They can also accumulate dangerous mold and bacteria that swirl around you as you’re trying to relax and get clean. Take some time out for self-care and enjoy a relaxing bath with these fun drain stoppers from Mind Reader Products.
These unique tub stoppers are crafted from durable plastic, and can be easily placed on top of the drain to create a seal that prevents water from emptying while you enjoy a bath. The stoppers include a raised central point that makes them easy to remove when you’re finished, and are created to be disposable, so you can simply throw them away when they start wearing down. This pack includes 50 disposable stoppers decorated with fun and fancy patterns, so you can replace the one in your drain as often as needed without worrying about breaking the bank. Even if you replace your bathtub drain plug once a month, this 50-pack could easily last you up to four years.
Pamper yourself and your tub with a 50-pack of Mind Reader disposable drain stoppers.

  • SIMPLE REMOVAL - These bathtub plugs are designed to be easily removed from your drain by gripping the raised section and pulling upward
  • DISPOSABLE DESIGN - Disposable bath plugs help to resist mold and bacteria accumulation on your tub stop by encouraging you to throw the plug away at the end of its lifespan and replace with a new stopper from the pack
  • STOPS WATER - Set this plug in place on top of your bath drain to prevent water from running down the train, so you can fill the tub up without stress
  • PACK OF 50 - Each pack of Mind Reader tub stoppers includes an incredible 50 bathtub plugs, so you can keep enjoying bubble baths
  • DIMENSIONS - 1.5″ L x 1.5″ W x 1.5″ H (each)
  • FUN PATTERNS - Each pack of drain stoppers features a variety of fun and enjoyable patterns, adding style to bath time
  • BUDGET BUY - This enormous pack of 50 disposable bath plugs can easily last up to four years if you use stoppers at the rate of one a month in a tub, easing the burden on your wallet

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