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My Stuff All-Purpose Office Cleaning Wipe, Fresh Orchid Scent
My Stuff All-Purpose Office Cleaning Wipe, Fresh Orchid Scent
My Stuff All-Purpose Office Cleaning Wipe, Fresh Orchid Scent

My Stuff All-Purpose Office Cleaning Wipe, Fresh Orchid Scent



All-purpose cleaning wipes from Mind Reader Products cut through grease and grime around the office with ease. Tidying up around the office becomes significantly easier with the addition of all-purpose wipes to your arsenal of cleaning products. Ordinary cleaning sprays require paper towels to wipe up, resulting in mass amounts of excess paper waste and taking time out of your workday. Using a hand towel, microfiber cloth, or sponge may be more environmentally friendly, but can also be high maintenance, and feels inconvenient to store in a desk drawer. These versatile wipes provide an easy way to clean surfaces in your office quickly and easily. Pop the lid open, pull out a cloth, and quickly wipe down any surface in your office to eliminate dirt, grease, fingerprints, and bacteria. The non-abrasive fibers of these cleansing wipes are safe to use on the surfaces in your office, making these cloths great for wiping down desktops, laptops, electronics, microwaves, bathrooms, desks, chairs, and more. The cleaning solution cuts through odors and leaves behind a fresh orchid scent, invigorating your office with a pleasant aroma. Whether you use them at home, at the office, in a classroom, or on-the-go, these variable purpose wipes are a cleaning essential. Materials: Cloth, Cleaning Solution.

  • SQUEAKY CLEAN - These multi-purpose wipes make a great way to quickly and easily keep a variety of surfaces in your office clean and free from grease, fingerprints, and bacteria
  • SURFACE SAFE - Gentle, non-abrasive fibers ensure that these wipes are safe to use on all surfaces, including stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, screens, or sensitive electronics
  • FRESH ORCHID SCENT - The orchid scent on these all-purpose cleansing wipes helps to deodorize surfaces in your office, invigorating the air with a fresh, pleasant fragrance
  • EASY ACCESS TOP - An open-access top allows you to pull out one or multiple wipes as needed, and maintains freshness and moisture so wipes don’t dry out when closed properly
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.1″ L x 5.9″ W (cloth size), 8.25″ L x 8.25″ W x 9″ H (each container)
  • MAINTAIN YOUR MONITOR - Use these cleaning wipes on your tablet, laptop, mobile device, or monitors to remove fingerprints and any other residue, leaving your electronics safe and sanitized
  • BULK BUY - Grab this tub of 300 all-purpose cleaning wipes for a variety of uses and keep it on hand for your office sanitation needs, or keep it in the breakroom for employees to share
  • SOFT ON SKIN - Multi-purpose cleaning wipes cuts through dirt and grease, but won’t abrade or hurt the delicate skin on hands

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