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Wall-Mount Coffee Pod Single Serve Coffee Pod Dispenser

Wall-Mount Coffee Pod Single Serve Coffee Pod Dispenser


Wall Mount & Freestanding
The Mind Reader Coffee Pod Holder / Dispenser has the capability to be hung on the wall or your refrigerator saving you valuable countertop space.

Large Capacity
Holds 20 single serve coffee pods for easy serving.

Great Visibility
Open plastic design for easy viewing. See exactly which single serve k-cup or coffee pod you want for your morning or afternoon pick up.

Durable and Lightweight
Plastic construction is lightweight, making it practical for your breakroom or kitchen area. Plastic is sturdy and durable for years or usage.

Color: Black / Tan
Material: Plastic / Cork
Assembly Required? No assembly is required. Ready to use right out of the box.
Dimensions: 2.72” L x 10.71” W x 15.75” H

  • Coffee Pod Capacity - Holds 20 single serve coffee pods comfortably for your convenience. Compatible with all major brands such as Starbucks, Green Mountain, Newmans, Dunkin and more.
  • Wall Mountable - Ability to be mounted on the wall or refrigerator and save you valuable space on your kitchen countertop or breakroom table. Simple and easy installation to the wall.
  • Cork Top Design For Personal Notes - Equipped with a cork top above the 20 capacity single serve coffee pod holder for messages to loved ones at home, co-workers at the office or for your children at home. 
  • Space Saver - They say time is of the essence, well sometimes so is space! Get the storage drawers, carousels, and coffee caddies off your valuable kitchen counter top space for good. The Mind Reader Wall Mount Coffee Pod Holder is great for removing the clutter from your kitchen counter.
  • Open View For Your Convenience - A clear open view of your coffee pods for easy access to delicious coffee in the morning. No more having to rummage through drawers or your kitchen pantry for your favorite cup of joe. 
  • Coffee Pod Dispenser - Coffee pod dispenser functional for easy grabbing. Simply grab your favorite flavor of coffee from the coffee dispenser and commence your day. Great for afternoon coffee breaks.
  • Built to Last - Constructed with attention to detail and created from superior plastic materials for years of usage. The durable coffee pod dispenser is sure to hold all 20 of your single serve coffee beverages with no issues.
  • Easy Installation - Extremely easy to install onto your wall, the lightweight construction makes it simple to attach to your wall. Comes with adhesive stickers for hanging.
  • Open Top Compartment - An open top compartment for easy refilling the coffee pod dispenser when running low. Simply refill your dispenser by adding the coffee pod down one of the 4 single slot compartments.

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