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Spoon Dispenser Refills, Plastic Spoons 100 pack

Spoon Dispenser Refills, Plastic Spoons 100 pack


Quickly and efficiently refill your cutlery dispenser with Mind Reader Replacement Utensil Packs. Nothing puts a cramp in your mealtime enjoyment like running out of utensils. Using a cutlery dispenser puts these mealtime necessities readily at hand for your family, friends, customers, and guests. However, such dispensers can be frustrating to manually reload from a box or bag of plastic utensils, which requires you to stack them individually in an organized row. These replacement packs have been designed to work exclusively and seamlessly with your Mind Reader Refillable Cutlery Dispenser (sold separately) but can also be used with other dispensers or to restock your pantry. Each pack contains 100 sturdy polystyrene spoons in a streamlined stacked design that makes them easy to load. Follow the straightforward instructions on the packaging to quickly and efficiently reload your utensil compartments with the necessary items. Refill your utensil dispenser with ease using these convenient replacement packs from Mind Reader Products.

  • STACKED STYLE - Each pack comes arranged in a vertical stack of 100 utensils, allowing you to feed them into a cutlery dispenser or pour them into a designated container
  • TOUGH ENOUGH - Designed to be long-lasting and durable, these reliable utensils resist splits and cracks, allowing you to dig in without distress
  • EASY-OPEN PACKAGE - Don’t waste time struggling with complicated packaging; these refills come in a wrapped stack with an easy-open pull tab and clearly printed instructions
  • FEED AND FILL - Once you pop the top on your stacked package, simply load the stack into the empty compartment of your utensil dispenser as indicated on the wrapping
  • DIMENSIONS - 1.25″ L x 5.63″ W x 0.59″ H
  • BLACK BEAUTY - Solid black design coordinates with other utensils and dishware, adding more elegance and refinement to your place settings
  • CUTLERY COMPATIBILITY - Compatible exclusively with the Mind Reader Refillable Cutlery Dispenser (sold separately)

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