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Mind Reader Cup and Condiment Station, Countertop Organizer, Coffee Bar, Kitchen, Stirrers, 5.35"L x 11.25"W x 11.15"H, Black

Mind Reader Cup and Condiment Station, Countertop Organizer, Coffee Bar, Kitchen, Stirrers, 5.35"L x 11.25"W x 11.15"H, Black

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Two Pack

Organize Your Office Space

This  all-in-one organizer has eleven compartments for easy storage of coffee, tea, condiments, and more. It is perfect for college dorms, breakrooms, offices, hotels, and more. Its durable construction makes this organizer an excellent choice for places with high traffic, such as a hotel lobby or office breakroom.

No assembly is required. Keep one in your kitchen and the other in your office. Place this organizer in your cabinets to store small kitchen or bathroom items.

This 11-compartment coffee and tea organizer has three tiers and two drawers for all of your condiments. This versatile organizer makes a great gift for the person who loves to keep their space neat and orderly.

Easily store your items, including single-serve coffee pods, creamers, sugar, stirrers, and more. Also perfect for makeup and toiletries in the bathroom. To clean, wipe with a cleaner or dish soap with water.

The 3.75-inch (9.5 cm) opening lets you stack 12-, 16-, and 20-oz cups and lids. In addition, there are compartments for utensils and napkins, single-serve coffee pods, creamers, tea bags, salt and pepper packets, and snack bars and chocolates. This organizer is a simple black color that blends well with any decor, and its chrome-look handles offer a modern design for home, office, or hospitality.

It is easy to clean, too! The durable, food-safe plastic construction makes this organizer easy to clean in between uses.

  • Space-saving: This coffee and tea organizer is 5.35 inches wide, allowing you to save space and easily organize your coffee, tea, and related condiments while still having plenty of room on your hotel buffet or counter
  • Durable and strong: Made of durable, food-safe plastic, this organizer is a perfect choice for day-to-day use in hotels, cafes, the office, or in your kitchen
  • Non-slip construction: This piece has bottom rubber grippers that help keep it from slipping around on your countertop or table
  • Not just for coffee and tea: Because of its many compartments and drawers, you can also use this caddy to organize other items, such as office and school supplies or makeup
  • Measurements: This space-saving caddy measures 11.25 long x 5.35 wide x 11.15 inches tall (28.58 x 13.6 x 28.3 centimeters) and fits easily in small spaces, allowing for more counter space
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