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Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Storage Bins, Kids Storage for Bedroom

Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Storage Bins, Kids Storage for Bedroom


Bring home this vivid storage shelf from Mind Reader Products for organizing and stashing kids’ toys, books, and more.
Make use of this unique Mind Reader shelving unit to add a bold splash of color to your organization solutions around the house, ideal for tidying up children’s toys, books, and other fun accessories. Structured for long-lasting support, this convenient shelf offers a unique storage solution with plastic boxes that can be arranged to suit your child’s individual needs. Don’t settle for boring, ordinary black or steel shelving units in a room meant for lighthearted enjoyment--bring light and color into playtime instead.
The three shelves and multiple sizes of storage containers ensure irregularly shaped objects and large books have a flexible storage system, and can be easily reached by tiny hands with ease. Brightly colored plastic boxes provide a great opportunity to teach your little ones about colors and create fun associations, like putting all the toy cars in the green box. The durable wood construction supplies a sturdy support for toys and other accessories, while the vivid colors make a fun addition in children’s bedrooms, dens, and other play spaces.
Embrace the FUN in functionality with this bright and beautiful children’s storage shelf from Mind Reader Products.
Dimensions: 10.5″ L x 33.81″ W x 30.5″ H
Materials: Wood, Plastic, Metal

  • VARYING CAPACITY - Three different sizes of storage containers uniquely accommodate toys, books, and other irregularly shaped items that can present a challenge on rigid shelving
  • BRIGHT BEAUTY - The bright and bold colors used in this multi-level storage shelf make a fun addition to a bedroom or playroom and can provide a unique way of sorting toys and other objects
  • SAFE STORAGE - Keep toys and other items off the floor and safely away from where they might otherwise cause injury to small individuals running and playing
  • BOLD BOXES - Use the uniquely colored plastic boxes on each shelf for storing various items such as toys, dolls, tracks for toy cars, books, and more
  • DIMENSIONS - 10.5″ L x 33.81″ W x 30.5″ H
  • TEACHABLE MOMENTS - The bright multicolor design of this shelving unit provides an opportunity to educate little minds by teaching colors and association
  • ROUNDED EDGES - The rounded sides of the storage boxes provide easy-access storage for books, toys, and other accessories without sharp edges, so your little ones stay safe
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Easily assembled and cleaned, the sturdy wood and metal construction of these shelves makes them ideal for use in kids’ rooms or play areas

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