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Touchless Wall Mount Tissue Dispenser, Holds 3.3 lbs, White

Touchless Wall Mount Tissue Dispenser, Holds 3.3 lbs, White


Dispense paper products in style with a touchless tissue holder from Mind Reader Products. Designed from durable, lightweight materials, this product can be easily mounted to any flat, compatible surface in your home, office breakroom, or classroom via the included mounting plate. Offer your friends, family, students, guests, or employees convenient access to up to 3 lbs. of napkins, paper towels, or tissues in a single touchless dispensing unit. Save space and keep clutter off your countertops by storing your paper products in this handy storage solution that looks stylish and makes a great addition to your home or office. The built-in shelf and top drawer provide convenient space for extra tissues, cologne, decorative items, or other essential items, while a notch at the rear makes a handy holder for your phone or mobile device as needed. The patterned white dispenser keeps your paper towels, napkins, or facial tissues clean and free from dirt or dust accumulation by stashing them inside an enclosed compartment, and allows you to easily view the amount remaining at any point in time via a clear teardrop window. Always know when it’s time to refill! A front-fill, bottom-dispense design gives easy access for adults and children alike, so kids can fetch their own products and have fun doing it. If sticky fingers leave some residue behind, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and cleaning solution, and you’re back in business. Works great in your home, office, breakroom, bathroom, or classroom. Add a magnetic mounted cup holder to your home or business today and beautify your storage solutions. Materials: Acrylic.

  • PAPER DISPENSER - This easy-to-use paper dispenser can be easily mounted to surfaces in your home, office, bathroom, or breakroom, and features a touchless style for removing paper towels, napkins, or tissues
  • MOUNT AND GO - The wall-mounting panel comes included in your package and can be affixed to a wall, refrigerator, or other flat surface with screws, double-sided tape, or other safe adhesive
  • TOP SHELF - Features a convenient top that acts as a shelf and a storage drawer for placing decorative items, cologne, perfume, or other essentials, as well as a notch for holding your phone or tablet as needed
  • FUN FOR KIDS - Makes a great touchless dispensing addition to a classroom when filled with napkins, tissues, or paper towels, so students can clean up their hands, faces, and spaces without touching all the supplies at once
  • DIMENSIONS: 4.75″ L x 8″ W x 8.5″ H
  • PULL STYLE DESIGN - Refill paper products by pulling open the lower compartment door; replace the door to keep out dust, dirt, and other unwanted debris; remove products directly from the bottom of the dispenser
  • DURABLE DUTY - The strong, lightweight materials provide sturdy support for up to 3.3 lbs. of tissues, while a small teardrop shaped window allows you to view the fill level
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wipe down the inside and outside of this unit with warm water and soap as needed to keep it clean


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