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Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Large Dual Monitor Stand with Drawer, Adjustable Height, 40lb. Capacity, Black

Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Large Dual Monitor Stand with Drawer, Adjustable Height, 40lb. Capacity, Black

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Dual Monitor Stand The Mind Reader Dual Monitor Stand easily supports your heaviest monitor(s), all in one computer/iMac, printers, speakers and more. Works with all types of media devices. Modern design, and sustainable MDF material that will last for years of usage. Optimal Viewing 4 adjustable heights for your preferred viewing needs. The smallest height is 3.25 inches off the surface, after that you can raise up to 4.5 inches, 5.25 inches and finally a max height of 6.5 inches from the surface. Set your preferred height according to your office chair or your most comfortable optimal viewing. All legs are adjustable. Stays in Place Equipped with rubber grippers for all legs in order to keep the organizer stand in place. Don’t worry about your stand sliding all over the place when in use or when adding monitors, TV’s, speakers, or any other media devices. Ergonomic Stand for Health Benefits Clinical studies show the best height for your monitor is to have your eyes level with the top edge of the computer screen. However, most people stare at monitor screens that are too low. If you seem to bend your neck or hunch over to look down at your computer screen, we found the solution for you. Our monitor riser will finally put your computer screen at the correct height needed to reduce neck strain. Specifications Color: Black Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Assembly Required? Minimal assembly is required, (2-minute assembly) Dimensions: 11” L x 38.5” W x 6.” H

  • Complete Desk Organization - Reduces clutter and increases efficiency with additional storage underneath the riser and monitor setup. This is the perfect storage solution for a keyboard, mouse, desk supplies, accessories and other important work materials.
  • Adjustable Height for Your Viewing Pleasure - Each leg holding the monitor stand can be adjusted for optimal viewing of your monitors, tv, or speakers. Enjoy viewing at 4 different heights. 6.5", 5.25", 4.5" and 3.25"
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Grips - Comes with rubber grips for staying in place on your desk, or other home furniture. The anti slip rubber holders are also perfect for keeping your furniture from scruffs and scratches when adjusting or moving your dual monitor stand. Keeps your work area looking nice and well-maintained.
  • Stunning & Modern Design - Not only does this stand raise your screen to the perfect ergonomic height, it ACTUALLY looks good. While your friends and co-workers are stacking books to raise their screen or using cheap & industrial monitor stands, you will have a modern stand that looks amazing on your desk.
  • Holds Heavy Monitors & TV's - Other monitor stands are built with cheap quality materials and eventually crack or wear down pretty quickly. Place your heaviest monitors, laptops, all-in-one computers (iMac), printers, or even TV screens on this stand and it will not wiggle or budge at all. (Weight Capacity 40 lbs.)
  • 2 Drawers - Comes with 2 large drawers for storing your desk supplies such as, pencils, pens, note pads, sticky notes and more. Each drawer has 3 compartments, a Small (3.5 in. W), Medium (4.5 in. W,) and Large (5 in. W.) ; The 3 slots in each drawer can be removed and used as 1 big drawer. The full size of the drawer without the 3 compartments is 8.75" L x 13" W x 2" H
  • Multi-Purpose Large Organizer Stand - Not only can you use this for your office computer monitors, but it can also be used for printers, laptops and other office accessories. Forget the office if there is no need for it in your office, use it in your home for your TV, speakers, PlayStation, Xbox, Cable Box, and other media devices.
  • 6 Legs - Equipped with 6 adjustable height legs for added support. 2 legs on each side of the long dual monitor stand and another 2 legs in the middle for extra support of your heaviest monitors, TV's, printers, gaming consoles, laptops and more. The adjustable legs are great for reducing neck strains and proper posture by raising your computer screen to the ideal position.
  • Easy Assembly - Makes this product ready to use in a matter of minutes! We provide all the necessary hardware and instructions for headache-free installation. No tools needed or required for setting up the Mind Reader Dual Monitor Stand.
  • Dimensions: 11 (L) x 38.5 (W) x 6.5 (H)
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